Keith Houchen
Keith Houchen scores Coventry’s second goal at Wembley – no diving header has been so aesthetic or dramatic. Photograph: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Ima

As we head towards the 2016 FA Cup final between Manchester Untited and Crystal Palace I am packing my bags to head to France and about to be out of the country during the final for the first time ever. But there is one final I watched on TV that I will never forget.

I’ve been living in London for most of my life but apart from a single year of supporting Leicester City, thanks to the influence of a neighbour a year older than me Coventry City have been my ‘home’ team.

Arsenal are my local team and I swear and get frustrated when they reach 2nd place in the Premiership when they should reaaly have wond the damn thing.

But back in 1987 there was only one team. I’d left Islington for cheaper climes south of the Thames and without a fellow Coventry fan to share the glory with settled down to watch in the room above my in-laws pub to watch the Sky Blues take on the mighty Tottenham Hotspurs.

I was naive enough to think that City could win and win they did. 3-2 to be exact. It took ‘extra time’ after Spurs scored first within two minutes of kick off. It took a deflection of Gary Mabutt’s knee to settle the tie but inbetween was Keith Houchen scored an extraordinary goal.

The story is here in The Guardian. The video is here on YouTube

If you read the article or watch the video then you will discover that better goals have been scored and know that many teams have won the FA Cup. But only once has Coventry won a trophy of such standing (They came second when they were promoted to the top division) and as they now languish in the third tier I don’t see that changing anytime soon!




What a pleasant surprise. Another track, credited to Radiohead/Paul Thomas Anderson, from the forthcoming album has hit YouTube and other social media.  Here is the video and below are all the links you need… Plus the album will be released digitally on Sunday May 8th at 7pm BST.

Links: Dead Air Space | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Burn The Witch single sleeve

Radiohead Burn The Witch single sleeve

Don’t go through other people’s sites/links. Legit and direct link for ‘s new track ‘Burn The Witch’ here

The video was directed by Chris Hopewell, and produced by Jacknife. In it, the villagers of a small town accuse its citizens of committing various sins. At the end, a giant wooden statue is revealed—just like The Wicker Man—before it’s lit aflame. The animation appears to be based on the British children’s TV show “Trumpton.”

…and the video on YouTube…


This little fella popped up on Instagram. Surely it should have been in a tweet!

Just my opinion but it’s possible to put 2+2 together and not make 5!

Parlophone‘s contract with Radiohead’s old album’s has ended and are being reissued by XL. Check any of the streaming sites and you’ll only find full albums, no B-sides or special editions.

A spokesperson for XL said “This is the first step in the transfer of Radiohead’s back catalogue from Parlophone to XL. The main albums are being made available in their original form as a start, before non-LP material is reconfigured.”

In 2006, XL Recordings released Thom Yorke’s debut album, The Eraser. In 2007 the label released Radiohead’s In Rainbows album worldwide excluding North America, and in 2011 Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs album worldwide excluding North America. In 2013, XL released Atoms For Peace’s Amok album worldwide. (Music Week)

SO it’s start again time for Radiohead. After clearing off their social media site and/or posting plain white images this morning we have some Instagram activity. The animated bird on a branch below. Is it singing a song of sixpence, as mentioned on the mysterious postcard sent out to UK fans on Saturday?

It looks like a video for a single off the new album is coming from Chris Hopewell, the guy who created the animated video for ‘There There’ (See Chris’ reel here)

As for the album, I don’t think Radiohead will keep us waiting for weeks so expect it to drop on Friday (May 6th).

So what of this ‘manager’ guy saying the album would be released in June? Would Radiohead really start touring an album before they release it? The answer could be simple confusion between how the US and the world write May 6th. The US write it as 5/6/16, the world writes it as 6/5/16. So was it simply the US short form read as 5th June?

I remember going to a seminar where an industry insider advised against releasing new music on a Friday. ‘It gives the pirates all weekend to sell their stolen goods before we start getting it taken down on the Monday’

So of course all new music now releases on Fridays! Or to use Radiohead’s original band name ‘On A Friday‘!

A video posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on




Twitter is alive today with talk of Radiohead’s impending ninth album. ‘Burn the Witch’ it says on the flyer dropping through Radiohead fans letterboxes throughout the UK. Although it says ‘We know where you live’ on it they didn’t and couldn’t factor for the extra days I have to wait for my post. Our postie has to be let in to the block of flats so maybe I’ll get it mine after the Bank Holiday!

Tags like…   are spreading like wild fire. Some have pointed out that 1st May is Witch Day (Walpurgis Night), a tradition originating in the Czech Republic. The same applies to International Dawn Chorus Day, with ‘Dawn Chorus’ being the name of Radiohead’s latest registered company.

Does this mean an album is coming tonight… or maybe a single as Thom has hinted at gigs that to play ‘Burn The Witch’ requires an orchestra.

The clues are stacking up! (My guess is it won’t be coming from Spotify!)

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