After listening to Lazarus (Original Cast Recording) I had to see what was on Vevo or YouTube. I found this… Lazarus (Live at The Arts Club) Michael C. Hall & Original New York Cast of Lazarus. I love the sax… Enjoy!


Friday 21st of October 2016 may go down as the last time a new David Bowie track was released. As any self respecting Bowie fan will know this was the date that ‘Lazarus (Original Cast Recording)’ was released. At the end of a total of 23 tracks we have three previously unreleased David Bowie tracks – ‘No Plan’, ‘Killing a Little Time’ and ‘When I Met You’. Performed by the cast, they appear earlier on the album in a more ‘musical’ style, lots of clear vocals without treatment or tuning. They make an interesting comparison.

But cast your mind back… When David passed away there was talk of more… “There are five more songs from these sessions that have yet to be released. So look forward to next Christmas and hope for a deluxe edition.” Tony Visconti, producer of ‘Blackstar’, was quoted as saying.

To the Telegraph Visconti said… “He told me on the phone that he couldn’t wait to get back in the studio again. I said: ‘I’m on tour with [Bowie tribute act] Holy Holy, but wait till I’m off tour.’ David said: ‘Righty-ho!’ That would have been happening in February.”

Bowie died in January, but not before telling his producer he’d recorded home demos of five new songs. Last we know Visconti hasn’t heard them, and wasn’t even sure if they have vocals.

There was also talk of album offcuts being asigned to the Lazarus musical. I suspect it’s just these three and the five Tony talks of are sitting (hopefully investigated by now) in David’s ‘little portable recorder!’ Let’s hope they do have vocals and lets hope that Visconti can complete them as Bowie would have envisaged.

There’s a really good article about Lazarus co-author Edna Walsh’s experience of working with David Bowie here


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Football is a shady world full of deals done with brown envelopes. The Telegraph are shooting fish in a barrell really but that shouldn’t stop them revealing the dark truth behind the sport. Resident cartoonist Matt made me laugh with his view on the affair. The original can be found at The Telegraph web site here


This little video captures some of the flavour of a very special day. The power and sound of the PA is lost but is still worth a view. My band and I, The Blackstars, feature in a few of the photos and the ‘Starman’ clip features us hitting a bum note! But hey, that’s live music!

Featuring Maggi Ronson, Paul Cuddeford, John O’Sullivan, Kevin Franklin, Jona Lewie, Philip Rambow, Clifford Slapper, Funmilayo and more


Beckenham’s Bowie Bandstand

Today Kev and I went to check out the Bandstand. It’s the very one that David Bowie played on 16th August 1969 and subsequently wrote his song ‘Memory of a Free Festival’ about the event. He also started writing ‘Life on Mars’ while sitting on the bandstand steps. From what I’ve heard (and read), with his father passing away three weeks earlier, David  wasn’t feeling the spirit himself. It’s also the place where the first manned airmail flight left from in 1902, travelling to Calais by hot air balloon!

We are playing at ‘Bowie’s Beckenham Oddity’ on August 13th, a fundraiser to bring the old Victorian feature back to it’s original state. Although I’ve known of the place for many years it never occured to me to cross London and see it for myself. Old mate Kev is playing guitar with myself and bandmates and we arranged to meet the wonderful Wendy Woo who, with some good friends and helpers is arranging the whole event.

Kev Outside Corydon Rec
Kev with banner

Outside the park we spotted one of the banners I designed. I’m delighted and proud to have done the graphics for the event. The whole look was inspired by something Wendy put together and I just ran with it.

Council bulletin board

As we enter, we spot the council’s bulletin board. It’s very quaint and English that the Festival and a missing dog are posted with equal importance! I hope they found the dog!

And there it is… The bandstand in all it’s aged glory, sitting patiently in the park on a glorious August summer’s day…. Waiting for us to bring it back to life!

The bowie bandstand

We met with Wendy and, like excited kids, we took a bunch of photos…

John and Wendy Woo
Wendy and me

…and a gallery of pics!…

Kev is happy at the Bowie Bandstand Kev, John with guitars at the Bowie Bandstand Kev, John and guitars at the Bowie Bandstand Guitars on the Bowie Bandstand Under the roof at the Bowie Bandstand John, Kev and the Bowie Bandstand Gibson Les Paul at the Bowie Bandstand Guitars at the Bowie Bandstand